Europa Exhaust System


Modern road cars are required to meet stringent emissions targets and contain NVH to a minimum.  This is completely at odds with the enthusiastic driver who wants maximum power from his engine and a sporty noise to add to the driving experience.

On the stock Lotus Europa there are two restrictive catalytic convertors, a small diameter exhaust pipe and a restrictive baffled back box.  On our upgraded system we remove the first catalytic convertor entirely, reducing the back pressure on the turbo and increasing it’s available boost pressure.  The secondary catalytic convertor can be removed as well for the race guys or can be replaced with a free flowing 100 or 200 cell ‘Sports CAT’.  The back box is a straight through design with a unique internals so it meets all the track day noise regulations and the whole system is built in Stainless Steel.

The system is fabricated exclusively for us by Chris Tullett Exhausts who are the UK’s leading race exhaust fabrication company.  


Down pipe with 200cell sports CAT: £635+VAT

Re-packable silencer: £559.37+VAT

There are other CAT options available and knock off £60 if you don't want a CAT at all.

Fitment: £130+VAT