Hofmann’s Motorsport is a thriving hub for owners and drivers of performance and racing cars.  We are world renowned for our ride and handling work on Lotus cars but our skills stretch far beyond that.  Within our workshops you will regularly find race cars of all makes, models and ages from 1990’s turbocharged factory designed Group-C cars through to 1960’s Lotus Elans and state of the art modern GT Lotus Europas. 

Our skill set is broad and we offer a range of services so its always worth picking up the phone to us to talk through your requirements for your performance car.  A basic service is where it all starts and we can cater for almost any make or model.  We have been racing with the Lotus brand for several years and that has naturally led to an abundance of Lotus cars visiting our workshops.  We are unique amongst Lotus specialists as within the Hofmann’s company group we have the local Henley on Thames Toyota dealership, Coxon, which provides us with unrivalled ability to cater for the modern Toyota powered Lotus.  Our core skill is our ability to improve the ride and handling characteristics of almost any car.  We have decades experience and success setting up winning racecars and we have state of the art alignment equipment to accurately apply our specifications to your car.  This, along with our meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach to setting up a car will tease out the very best performance from your vehicle.  To compliment our ride and handling skills and products we also have extensive experience with brake upgrades, safety upgrades and powertrain upgrades.

We spend countless hours at the racetrack testing designs, ideas and proving concepts that will then become accomplished products available to you, our customer.  Its always our desire to offer the very best possible upgrade components to our customers and helping us achieve that goal are a tight knit core of highly skilled partners who we have absolute faith in to supply us equipment that meets our seal of approval.  Our partners include Nitron Racing Shocks, Torque Development International, Pro-Alloy, Reverie and Chris Tullett exhausts, all of who work closely with us to manufacture bespoke product built to our exacting standards.  Our close relationships with our partners and our in house Product Design abilities mean that if there isn’t something within our product range to suit your car the likelihood is we will be able to make it.

We never tire of talking about fast cars so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to us about any of your requirements, even if you simply want a little free expert advice.